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Announcing the ‘Show Us Your Heart’ Video Contest!

Show us why you support organ and tissue donation and you could win Colorado’s new Donate Life license plates for your car or a $100 Visa gift card!

American Transplant Foundation and Donate Life Colorado are proud to present the 2010 Show Us Your Heart Video Contest.

April is National Donate Life Month (and Donate Life Colorado Month) and we need your help to publicize the need for organ and tissue donation!

Check out this video, then visit to get all the contest details!

We can’t wait to see your videos!

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Exciting things…coming soon!

National Donate Life Month is just around the corner!  Every day in April, people across the U.S. make a special effort to celebrate the tremendous generosity of those who have saved lives by becoming organ, tissue, marrow, and blood donors and to encourage more Americans to follow their heroic example.

Next week, the American Transplant Foundation and Donate Life Colorado will make a special announcement. Check back soon to find out what it’s all about!

Find us on FacebookColorado’s Donate Life license plate has more than 600 Fans on Facebook!

Please become a Fan and help us spread the word about the newest way for Coloradans to show their support for organ and tissue donation!

Our Fans have posted some great photos of their new license plates. We’ll post some of the best photos, so check back soon!

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Stepdad and stepson, closer than ever

Keith and Johny

Keith with his stepson Johny

Colorado resident Keith Ashby has undergone a remarkable transformation since his kidney transplant in May 2006.

Before his transplant, Keith was overweight and had suffered from high blood pressure for years. He was exhausted, sometimes so much that he couldn’t get out of bed. Finally, Keith’s doctors told him that he was in kidney failure and would need a transplant to survive.

Keith knew that, due to the long list of people waiting, it would likely take years before he would receive a kidney from a deceased donor, so he went to his biological family to find a living donor.

Though several family members stepped forward, no one was a good match.

When Keith’s stepson, Johny, found out about the situation, he stepped forward as a potential donor.

“From day one Johny told me that he knew in his heart that he was the one who was going to give me a kidney,” Keith relates. “Johny is white, which made him a much less likely match, but he offered to be tested, just in case. It turned out he was a surprisingly good match for me—a four out of six—so he offered to share one of his kidneys.”

Keith and Johny’s transplant took place on May 4, 2006. The surgery went very well. Keith was in the hospital for three days, Johny just two.

Since his transplant, Keith has lost 65 pounds and maintains a healthy, active lifestyle,  running a half marathon in Hawai’i and participating in many of the American Transplant Foundation’s athletic events.

Keith and Johny were excited to learn about Colorado’s Donate Life specialty license plate, and they filmed this video with us to spread the word:

Have you purchased a Donate Life plate yet? Leave a comment to let us know!

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Amy, Donor Mother

There is nothing more devastating than losing a child. But in the midst of her loss, Amy made a decision that ultimately saved many lives. Amy’s daughter Nicole, donated her heart, liver and kidneys to people in severe need of a lifesaving transplant. Because of this generous gift, numerous people were given a second chance at life.

Mandee (click here for a photo) is one of those who was given a second chance at life as a result of Nicole’s gift. Mandee had suffered from a congenital heart defect since birth. But after receiving Nicole’s heart, Mandee now has a new lease on life. In 2003, Mandee was a bridesmaid in Nicole’s sister’s wedding.

“Donor Alliance… was there for our family during our grief and they serve as a support to us today. I feel that I too am living again since Nicole’s death. Knowing Nicole saved so many lives through her gifts, I feel such peace and calmness and in my heart.”

Now, Amy honors Nicole’s gift by displaying Donate Life license plates!

Get your plates to show that YOU support organ and tissue donation!

Amy’s story was republished from Donor Alliance’s Web site.

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Coleen, Living Liver Donor

Coleen saved her brother’s life by donating 2/3 of her liver to him. This is her story:

Coleen supports Colorado’s Donate Life license plates. Shouldn’t you?

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Today’s the day!

Great news, Colorado! Today is the first day you can get your new Donate Life license plates to help spread the word about the importance of organ and tissue donation!

You can get your plates at your local Title and Registration Office for a one-time $50 fee. Learn more on the “About the Plate” page.

Please help us spread the word about the plates and raise awareness for organ and tissue donation by sharing this blog and videos with your friends and family.

And check out our Facebook Fan Page to view photos of our Fans getting their new plates and to share your own!

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Robin, Donor Mother

Robin and her 22-year-old son Joseph were best friends and he was not afraid to let everyone know it. While some kids might be embarrassed that their mom worked in the high school cafeteria, Joe wasn’t. He would hug his mom in the middle of the school day. When he was diagnosed with epilepsy in the fall of 2007, Joe made a pact with his mom that whenever he thought he was about to have a seizure he would call her, as he always knew before it happened. On December 30, 2007, Joe called his mom at 9:45 a.m.

“Fortunately, I had not gone to church that morning, like I usually do, because I wouldn’t have gotten his call,” said Robin. “We were on the phone for 10 minutes when I heard the phone drop and Joe passed out.” Joe was pronounced dead on January 1, 2008.

Joe had discussed his decision to be an organ donor with his mom several months before he died. It came as no surprise to Robin and the rest of Joe’s family because he always tried to help others. Joe could light up a room with his boisterous laughter, his great big bear hugs, and his constant smile. His decision to register to be an organ and tissue donor at the age of 15 helped save and heal the lives of seven people.

Since Joe’s death, Robin has become an advocate working to educate the public about the need for organ and tissue donation.  She worked with the American Transplant Foundation to collect and enter signatures in support of the Donate Life plate, which became available for purchase on January 1, 2010 – the two-year anniversary of Joe’s death.

“I do this because it is how I keep Joe’s memory alive. It also helps me cope, which is one of the biggest things,” explains Robin.

Robin’s story was republished from Donor Alliance’s Web site.

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They Support Organ & Tissue Donation – Shouldn’t You?

Employees of Donor Alliance and the American Transplant Foundation show their support for the cause and Colorado’s newest license plate:

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Coming Soon!

A new way to show your support for organ and tissue donation is coming to Colorado!

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