Posted by: donatelifeco | 01/13/2010

Amy, Donor Mother

There is nothing more devastating than losing a child. But in the midst of her loss, Amy made a decision that ultimately saved many lives. Amy’s daughter Nicole, donated her heart, liver and kidneys to people in severe need of a lifesaving transplant. Because of this generous gift, numerous people were given a second chance at life.

Mandee (click here for a photo) is one of those who was given a second chance at life as a result of Nicole’s gift. Mandee had suffered from a congenital heart defect since birth. But after receiving Nicole’s heart, Mandee now has a new lease on life. In 2003, Mandee was a bridesmaid in Nicole’s sister’s wedding.

“Donor Alliance… was there for our family during our grief and they serve as a support to us today. I feel that I too am living again since Nicole’s death. Knowing Nicole saved so many lives through her gifts, I feel such peace and calmness and in my heart.”

Now, Amy honors Nicole’s gift by displaying Donate Life license plates!

Get your plates to show that YOU support organ and tissue donation!

Amy’s story was republished from Donor Alliance’s Web site.


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